About Me

About Me

I grew up in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and have many fond memories of skateboarding as a child in the Twin Cities area. The excitement of riding a skateboard and the feeling of freedom instantly hooked me. Over the past 10 years, I’ve fully immersed myself in the skateboarding culture, always seeking new challenges and pushing my limits. I recently moved to Southern California, a popular place for skateboarders, and started skateboarding for Bay Street Boards, a well-known skate shop. This opportunity has allowed me to focus on improving my skills and progressing even further. Now, my love for skateboarding has led me to create the Westside Skateboard Lessons team. I’m excited to share my knowledge and help others learn and improve their skateboarding abilities. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on a skateboard or an experienced rider looking to reach new heights, I’m here to guide you on your skateboarding journey. Together, let’s embrace the excitement and joy of skateboarding and create lasting memories.

Contact Me

Ph: (952) 356-7991

Instagram: @kevinhairston_

Email: [email protected]

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