Skate Lessons

I teach street skateboarding from beginners to intermediate and advanced. First I like to watch you skate and gain a better understanding of your experience. From there we will be able to decide what the next steps are and how we can cater the instruction to best fit you!

A couple of the core elements that I teach are:

  • 1. Stance and Foot Placement / Pushing Basics
  • 2. Safety and How to Fall
  • 3. Pumping and Balance
  • 4. Ollies, 180’s, Shuv-its, Kickflips / Heelflips
  • 5. Advanced Riding

Guidelines for Scheduling

  • Must be paid for in (Cash, Venmo, Google Pay)
    • Cash – at time of lesson
    • Venmo/Google Pay – (@kevin-hairston) You will be requested by Venmo/Google Pay after lesson
  • Waivers must be filled out prior to the lesson.
  • I will not be equipped with any first aid materials. In case of emergency, I will call contact name(s) listed on the waiver form.
  • Typically the skatepark/skate area will be open to the general public at all lesson times.
  • Equipment can also be rented (Helmet, Pads, Skateboards)
  • If you would like to cancel, cancellation notice is required 24 hours prior to the lesson.


  • 1hr Lesson – $70
  • {4} 1hr lessons – $260
  • Semi-Private Group Lessons (for groups of two or more)
    • Prices may vary for 1hr lesson
  • Renting equipment:
    • (Helmet – $10)
    • (Pads – $15)
    • (Skateboard – $20)

Liability Waiver (Must be received before lesson)