Skate Lessons

I teach street skateboarding from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Watching you skate first is the best way to gain a better understanding of your experience. This is important because we can begin to pinpoint areas that need improvement and figure out what we would like to learn. We will be able to decide the next steps and how we can cater the instruction to best fit you! We are here to have fun skateboarding and can also use this as a tool to exercise, challenge ourselves, and improve confidence.

A couple of the core elements that I teach are:

  • 1. Stance and Foot Placement / Pushing Basics
  • 2. Safety and How to Fall
  • 3. Pumping and Balance
  • 4. Ollies, (Frontside and Backside) 180’s, Shuv-its, Kickflips / Heelflips
  • 5. Advanced Riding

Guidelines for Scheduling

  • Accepting payment in (Cash, Venmo)
    • Cash – at time of lesson
    • Venmo – (@kevin-hairston) I will be request you by Venmo after the lesson
  • Please submit the waiver prior to the lesson.
  • In case of emergency, I will call the contact name(s) listed on the waiver form.
  • Typically the skatepark/skate area will be open to the general public at all lesson times.
  • I have a stock of Helmets, Pads, and Skateboards that can be rented.
  • If you wish to cancel, please let me know 24 hours prior to the lesson.

Skate Lessons Pricing

  • 1hr Lesson – $75
  • Semi-Private Group Lessons (for groups of two or more)
    • Prices vary for 1hr lesson
  • Renting equipment:
    • (Helmet – $5)
    • (Pads {Elbow / Knee / Wrist} – $10)
    • (Skateboard – $10)

Liability Waiver